The Red Green Show FAQ

Last Updated: November 2012

Latest News:

New for 2013/14: The How to Do Everything Tour!
Tour dates will be announced at

In other news, the official Red Green website has had
a bit of a makeover, and the online store has several
new items including a DVD of the Wit and Wisdom Tour.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

The Basics

What is the Red Green Show?
Who are the show's stars?
Where does the show come from?
Where does the show take place?
What's this about a Red Green Movie?

The Episodes

What's this about the "NEW" Red Green Show?
How many seasons are there?
Is there an episode guide available?

Watching the Show

Where did Harold go?
Where did Bill go?
When and where can I watch the show?
How can I attend a taping of the show?
Where can I watch the show online?

The Merchandise

Are there any RG shirts/hats/etc?
Are there any RG books?
Are there any RG videos/DVDs?
What other Red Green stuff is available?

The Specifics

Who are the characters and the actors that portray them?
Where else can these actors be seen?
Who Directs / Produces / etc. the show?
What is the Lodge pledge?
What's that thing Harold wears around his neck?
What's this about Red's newspaper column?
Is there an official Red Green Website?
Is there a Red Green Fan Club?
How can I get Red's/Harold's/Bill's autograph?


Random Facts / Tidbits
About this FAQ
Copyright Information

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- Disclaimers -

Just like you I am only a fan, and am in no way associated with the
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gathered from a number of sources. Any corrections relating to the following
material (as well as spelling misteaks and very ungood grammar) are welcome.